10 Hot And Hunky Male News Anchors From Instagram You Need In Your Life This Week!

10 Hot And Hunky Male News Anchors From Instagram You Need In Your Life This Week!

They bring you the hottest news in their suits and ties. They deliver the weather update and the current events you need to see for the day. But underneath those clothes are beach bods you never get to see on TV.

They may be serious on television but they can be more serious with their workout and diet just to make sure those pecs and arms are going to make their tight shirts bulge while in the middle of a newscast. Here are 10 Hot And Hunky Male News Anchors From Instagram You Need In Your Life This Week!

We love watching the news but you’ll love watching it more with these 10 guys who might get you distracted too.

Make a jump and see these men who can be “a hotter topic” than those news and current events they deliver us. Who do you think is the hottest? Did we miss anyone? Let us know in the comments section below!

Me with a bit more meat on the bone in Gran Canaria. I’m burning calories like mad skating everyday for @dancingonice. Thanks to all who voted and kept me in the competition – seriously buzzing!

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Many of you – especially the ladies – are asking me about pull-ups. Specifically, that they are too hard to do; that they are a man movement, etc. This is not true. I have seen many women go from doing none to whipping me in sets of 15. They are an excellent movement to build strength in the upper body, to build confidence and to tone arms and back (it is bikini and strapless dress season after all). This video was not shot well. Grrrr. BUT HERE IS THE GOOD NEWS: you can scale the movement and build up. The lowering I show you here is they key. You will build strength and increase the ability to do the concentric movement of pulling up. Take it slow and give yourself time. You can do it. I show you the different steps here. Yes you can use and assistive machine or bands but it is better to control your own mass if you can. Start elevated holding the bar and then fight the descent as shown. Progress from there as I demonstrate. Strong is the new skinny! Let me know your thoughts. #fitness #strong #girlpower #summer #hardwork

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Nothing but blue. #vacation #thankful #howmanydaysleft

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Pretty great morning hanging with our animal friends! ? ?: @tommydidario

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Its been a crazy year. I have never felt more relaxed in my life ? ? @fsseychelles #fsdesroches

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Throwback to a couple of months ago. Here’s to building a better physique next year ???? #flexfriday #dietstartsnextyear #fitnessmotivation #gymmotivation #biceps

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Let these Caribbean games begin! #stbarths #carribeanlife #vacation #vacationmode #goodtimecharlie #letsdothis

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Had a long day but still feelin’ super! Thank you #lifestylegearsph #codylundin & Champ Zarate!

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I’ve always believed that working hard on the brain and career is not enough. To enjoy life longer, we also need to work hard on our holistic health. . It requires not only doing exercise regularly, but also taking control of our food intake, minimizing the “waste” that comes into our body. . OK, I ate P*P Mie last night, but it was the first time after not eating instant noodle for more than 2 months. It was an emergency situation (is this an forgivable excuse?). . All and all, we need to stay fit to enjoy our life longer, feeling happier, and feeling less stressed.

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We will be dreaming in ?colors tonight! Incredible day hosting our coverage w/ @sharonreedcbs46 @atlantatony & my husband @patrickdabner getting in on the act too. Best day! Thanks @cbs46 for being the first to broadcast the 48th Annual #atlantaprideparade LIVE on ? We need to start planning for next year ? #cbs46pride

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