2020 Man of the Year – Nominations are now Open

Phew! What a year it has been. Unprecedented is the word that seems most to describe the whole mess that 2020 was. Unparalleled perhaps. For most, if not all of us 2021 is going to be a new beginning, a new normal, a chance to emerge from the pall. One of the constants tho that has kept us here at QueerClick sane and grounded is our continual appreciation for all things man. Our modes of consumption may have changed but the channels of diversity and virtual intimacy changed the landscape of porn, perhaps forever.

In light of the all of the ways we consumed men on our screens we felt that the sheer diversity and unique experiences warranted a little mix up in our 2020 Man of the Year contest. This year we want to crown three Men of the Year: our QueerClick MOTY, a Flirt4Free MOTY and an OnlyFans MOTY. In theory one of a handful of men could win all three categories, and that too would be a bit unprecendeted, but the odds of that are quite high…and yet 2020…we aren’t going to place many bets.

So here’s your chance, the comments are open. Let us know who your favorite performers of 2020 were in the three categories.

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