Boning the Band of Brothers

Boning the Band of Brothers


Thanks to the behind-the-scenes heroes over at Active Duty, my 2019 started out with a bang and then some. Military muscle Jesse Kovac was introduced late last year as a fresh-faced newbie with a body built like a brick house.



I was elated to see our newest recruit back in the barracks already this year, blowing and barebacking bunk-buddy Scott Finn.


Sadly, our sexy soldier failed to impress as a top. But then in an unexpected coup, Jesse delivered a rock-hard performance as a hungry muscle bottom when the boys flip during the second half of the scene.


Not since the debut of Brad Banks or Mathias have I so thoroughly enjoyed watching military might succumb to the power of the prostate.



For over 20 years, Active Duty has been doing a great job of giving us access to the last bastion of male covert camaraderie and unspoken codes of conduct. Whether any or of the models were actually enlisted men was beside the point. I signed up for the fantasy of watching the roughest and toughest of men from the battlefront breed or get bred by men in the bunkers.


The more believable the model was as a soldier, the more he fueled the fantasy. First, all the men had to have “high and tight” cuts. If any of the guys had tattoos which read “USMC,” “Semper Fi,” “Death before Dishonor,” “Loyalty” or any variation thereof, he would get instant “straight-cred” status in my book. Their “sacrifices” in the bedroom would be that much hotter, whether it’s taking dick in the face or giving up the ass, as duty calls.

It’s no secret that Active Duty serves as a feeder studio for the related Next Door Studios.



Some former soldiers like Markie More, Matthias, Quentin Gainz and Spencer Laval have found fame as civilians after their military tours were done.



Other Active Duty alumni such as Rocke, Scott Ambrose, Brad Banks and Dane Stewart joined and made the rounds at various other studios.



Straight Off Base is another military-themed site which features enlisted men in solos and service videos. There have been a few notable discoveries such as Corporal Kolt, Knox, Nick and Kodie, but the site has not able to do more with these new talents.



Though not strictly military, SpunkWorthy has also introduced some sexy servicemen. All-American ginger Doug and hunky Curtis are two of the hottest heroes to join the ranks of jacking G.I’s. on the site.


Perhaps the most be a famous military veteran of all is Sergeant Miles, who started out at All-American Heroes five years ago. He continues to grow in popularity today at Lucas Entertainment. No doubt a small part of Sergeant Miles’ appeal is that he has the battle scars to vouch for the authenticity of his rank and service record.



But the main reason for his appeal is that he is believable in either dominant or submissive roles. When he gives orders as a top, it’s with the authority of a commanding officer: his scene partners fall in line and viewers fall in love. Conversely, whenever Sergeant Miles bottoms in a scene, his freak flag flies at full-mast and there is no doubt he is enjoying the company of men.


Brotherly love between soldiers on battlefront has been well-documented since the times of the Greeks. Mainstream media served up massive amounts of Spartan muscle in the movie “300”. The cable show “Spartacus” gave us gratuitous full-frontal male nudity with captured soldiers fighting and fucking for the amusement of their masters. is banking on the enduring appeal of the soldier-on-soldier saga with its latest big-budget production, Sacred Band of Thebes. The four-part series not only features Exclusives Diego Sans, William Seed, JJ Knight and Ryan Bones but also brings back fan favorites D.O. and Francois Sagat for an epic sword-and-sandal fuck-fest.

2019 is off to a good start, but we hope to see much more than a few good men baring boners and busting butts throughout the year. Until then, “We thank you for your service(s).”

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