Can You Beat Grandma?

Can You Beat Grandma?

I stumbled upon this cute video of a granny. Do you think you can beat her?

With how she manages to do it flawlessly, her gag reflex is nowhere to be found.


And she smiles as if nothing happened. She really is a pro.


But you can be a pro too by simply suppressing your gag reflex! Not just that. Make him happy by minimizing your anal discomfort which is really a bummer when he is in the mood for some ass pounding.



The 4 in 1 pack includes 3 varieties of oral sex aids that contain a mild numbing agent that coats the back of the throat and an anal cream that reduces discomforts associated with taking all that cock (or cocks) inside you. Get all these so you won’t be a mood killer. Be like the grandma who can swallow it all as it should be!


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