ChaosMen: Amone Bane and Tony Salas – Edge

ChaosMen: Amone Bane and Tony Salas - Edge

Now on ChaosMen: Amone Bane sits comfortably in his chair as Tony Salas enters the room.

Tony secures Amone’s arms to the legs of the chair and asks Amone if he’s nervous. Amone replies that he is, and Tony confirms that he should be.

After placing a blindfold over Amone’s eyes, Tony gets to work kissing and exploring Amone’s muscled body. Amone’s mouth falls open as he grunts and moans with pleasure.

ChaosMen: Amone Bane and Tony Salas - Edge

Tony pulls Amone’s rock-hard cock out from Amone’s shorts and begins sucking on it, much to Amone’s enjoyment. It’s not long at all before Amone is ready to bust a nut, so Tony slows down and informs Amone that he’s not allowed to cum yet.

Tony stands and moves behind Amone, continuing to stroke Amone’s cock as he kisses and licks Amone’s ear. When Tony lets go of Amone’s cock, you can really see how much Amone is enjoying himself as his dick pulses and throbs.

Tony repeatedly brings Amone to the edge, then slows down and backs him off. When Tony finally decides that Amone is allowed to cum, he works out Amone’s load with a combination of his mouth and his hand, sucking and gripping relentlessly until Amone’s balls tighten and cum starts dribbling out of his cock.

Tony helps himself to some of Amone’s cum, then stands up and shares a cummy kiss with Amone before removing his blindfold and stepps out of the room, leaving Amone strapped to his chair.

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