ChaosMen: Argos

ChaosMen: Argos

Argos was such a great surprise to Bryan. He was very quiet and didn’t say much about himself when he did his online application. Bryan was pleased that he’s Bi, but mostly into guys. It seems like playing with dudes is a new thing for him. Argos is not Out to friends or family members. He does like to bottom, but has been taking that slow. He also loves to be rimmed, so the focus is all about his ass.

ChaosMen: Argos

It’s not just about his butt, Argos also has an amazing cock. It grew to almost 7.5 inches during the photos, and his cock was dripping for the photos.

His main concern was cumming too soon. He had held-off over a week and he said that any focused attention would make him cum instantly.

Argos is super sexy in this, and you can tell he is shaking with pleasure. He just has to grind gently on his cock head, and he is close to cumming.

His cum shot is awesome, with his load spilling out on to his tummy hair!

See more of him – including his video – over at ChaosMen.

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