ChaosMen: Basil and Jerome – Serviced

ChaosMen: Basil and Jerome - Serviced

Jerome said it felt like Basil was built out of stone. Jerome oiled-up Basil’s torso and did some hot body worship.

Basil returned the favor, and both guys were soon slicked-up with hands exploring everywhere. With all that oil, they were soon jerking their cocks together.

ChaosMen: Basil and Jerome - Serviced

Jerome pushed Basil on to his back and started sucking him. Basil looks a bit like he can’t believe what he is doing. Since he dances for a living, he is used to having a fun and flirty time with guys and girls. After some cock sucking, he got serious pretty quick.

Basil sucks Jerome too. You can tell he has experience, but is by no means a pro. Though once they started to 69-suck, Basil really attacks Jerome’s cock, especially when Jerome rims his hole.

There is also quite a bit of kissing going on in this video.

With Jerome on his back, Basil spins around on top of him and kisses Jerome passionately. He then rapidly jerks his cock, dumping a nice load on to Jerome’s waiting tongue.

With perfect timing, Jerome lets lose his own load. Basil gives him a nice sensual kiss to reward Jerome for such a good blow job!

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