ChaosMen: Burton and Espen – Serviced

ChaosMen: Burton and Espen - Serviced

ChaosMen: Burton and Espen are the perfect match!

Espen starts by kissing the back of Burton’s neck, a particularly sensitive part of Burton’s body. Espen plays with his cock, getting him hard. They then spin facing each other and Espen begins to suck his cock.

ChaosMen: Burton and Espen - Serviced

Espen pushes Burton back on to the bed so he can get a better sucking angle. Anytime you hear Burton tell Espen to lick his balls, he is re-directing Espen because he is close to cumming.

Next Burton sucks on Espen’s cock, and despite Burton’s diminutive size, he handles Espen’s big dick with great skill. This Bi boy sure can suck dick!

They then move over to the bed and they 69 suck each other.

Burton strokes his cock furiously, eager to give Espen a facial. He dumps a HUGE load onto Espen’s face, one thick stripe of jizz across his chin.

Espen, ever the pro, quickly ramps-up his cock, cumming moments later after Burton came.

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