ChaosMen: Chase Rivers

ChaosMen: Chase Rivers

New on ChaosMen: Chase Rivers is friends with Sebastian Hunt, who encouraged him to try doing porn.

Chase has always wanted to do porn, but is shy and reserved. He said he shoots a lot of cum and the guy has an ample-sized cock on his small frame, so he knew he could bring that to the bedroom.

ChaosMen: Chase Rivers

You can tell he is shy in this video, but it didn’t stop him from jerking-off and showing-off his cock and ass to us. He used to be more of a top, but it sounds like he has recently discovered the joys of bottoming.

Chase was not kidding when he said he cums easily and a lot.

When it was time to cum, he shot his load immediately, so he was clearly holding back the whole time.

And what he was holding back was a tidal wave of cum! He shot all over his body, but also shot way beyond his head, giving the nightstand behind him a splattering!

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