ChaosMen: Claudio Carrera

ChaosMen: Claudio Carrera

Claudio Carrera is a local and knows a couple of the ChaosMen models. He wanted to do some scenes with them, so Bryan set him up for a solo.

He really liked doing the photos, but he got a little nervous when the video cameras started rolling.

ChaosMen: Claudio Carrera

Claudio has a big uncut 8″ cock, and used a dildo to really get hard. He is mostly a top, but thought either the FleshJack or dildo would help getting him in the zone.

He opted for the dildo. He slid it in slowly and that did the trick. He fucks himself with it for a bit, then gets on his back to really work his cock up to full erection.

Cum flies everywhere, and you can tell it was really intense!

See more of Claudio over at ChaosMen.

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