ChaosMen: Dakota Black and Lorenzo – Serviced – BLACK FRIDAY SAVINGS

Dakota Black had done a solo and Bryan wasn’t sure he was down to do more. Sure enough, he sent an email saying he was ready for the next step. It had been a while since the last nervous straight guy in the studio.

ChaosMen: Dakota Black and Lorenzo - Serviced

Bryan set Dakota up with a massage style theme, thinking he might respond to a more natural, yet passive experience.

He gets hard while laying on his stomach. Lorenzo oiled-up his ass and drizzled it onto his cock, teasing it with feather strokes.

He looks kind of nervous the whole time, not so subtly sneaking long peeks at the porn playing for him. When he does look down to see his dick being sucked, he looks like he still isn’t too sure, but yet his body gives way to the pleasure.

Lorenzo worked up quite a sweat jerking Dakota until he blows his load. Dakota is lost just after he cums, surprised by his own intense orgasm!

See all of the action on video over at ChaosMen.

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