ChaosMen: Gregor and Jerome – Serviced

ChaosMen: Gregor and Jerome - Serviced

While Bryan was setting up the cameras and lighting, Gregor and Jerome were already making-out. So, he just started running with it.

Jerome initially takes the lead, but as in his solo, Gregor just runs the show. Occasionally you can see Jerome moving him about or helping him open-up, so we can see what they were doing, but Gregor remained VERY intent on sucking and being sucked by Jerome.

ChaosMen: Gregor and Jerome - Serviced

The video ends with Jerome ramping-up to cum on Gregor’s face. Just as Jerome has finished letting lose, Gregor begins to cum. Despite his ‘post cum coma’, Jerome quickly dives down to lap up Gregor’s high-flying load!

Scorching hot blow-job action!

See more of Jerome and Gregor over at ChaosMen.

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