ChaosMen: Hatler Gurius

ChaosMen: Hatler Gurius

Hatler Gurius is quite a character. We find him already stroking his dick as he reclines on the bed, revealing that he doesn’t quite know the origin of his name, but he thinks it sounds cool.

Hatler gives a VERY candid interview, some of which the guys can’t actually share (darn decency rules). Suffice it to say that Hatler is down to try basically anything.

ChaosMen: Hatler Gurius

Since Hatler has been stroking his dick throughout the interview, we just kinda back away and let him focus on the task at hand. He reaches over for some lube, squirts a few pumps onto his cock head, and gets to work, using a combination of both hands and various techniques to work his chub up to a full rock-solid erection.

Hatler slides down the bed, throws a leg up, and proceeds to finger his hole as he continues to stroke his dick. He gets fairly aggressive with his ass-play, but it’s obvious that he’s enjoying himself.

Hatler works up quite a sweat AND load – he tilts his dick forward and shoots his nut all over the bed, with the last remnants dripping out onto his thigh and down his shaft. He uses a finger to taste a sample as the camera pans away.

See more of Hatler and his video at ChaosMen.

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