ChaosMen: Henri Michaels

ChaosMen: Henri Michaels

Henri Michaels is Aidan Anthony’s boyfriend, and on a previous visit the guys talked about them doing a scene together.

Of course, Bryan wanted to get some nice pics of him, and check out his solo skills first.

ChaosMen: Henri Michaels

Henri, as he says himself, is a Power Bottom. He likes big cocks of course, but it is not a requirement for him. He just loves to be fucked hard.

With his shaved head it is hard to tell, but with his ginger beard, and pubes, you can clearly see he is a ginger.

After basically edging himself for 90 minutes watching his boyfriend fuck someone else, Henri shoots a very power load that can only be described as explosive. The butt plug in his ass helped a lot too!

Henri will be back next week to get fucked by Aidan.

For now, see more of him over at ChaosMen.

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