ChaosMen: Jamie Kelvin and Jeremy Robbins – Serviced

ChaosMen: Jamie Kelvin and Jeremy Robbins - Serviced

Jeremy Robbins won’t turn down an excellent blowjob from a willing professional, and he found exactly that in Jamie Kelvin.

Jamie starts off by kissing and licking his way down Jeremy’s body before pulling off Jeremy’s jeans and teasing his cock through his camo underwear. Jeremy gets into the mood quickly – Jamie pulls off Jeremy’s underwear and discovers that his hung, uncut cock is already halfway chubbed.

ChaosMen: Jamie Kelvin and Jeremy Robbins - Serviced

It doesn’t take long for that chubby to grow into a fully-rock-hard boner as Jamie expertly licks, sucks, and throats Jeremy’s cock, and you can tell by the looks on both their faces that they’re enjoying themselves.

Jeremy is enjoying it so much, in fact, that he repeatedly pulls Jamie off his dick for a brief make out session, which we all know is codeword for “I’m about to cum so you better stop for a minute”.

Jamie peels off his shirt, straddles Jeremy’s leg and gets back to work deep-throating and worshiping his dick until Jeremy feels himself getting close. Jamie moves into position so that Jeremy can work out his load all over Jamie’s face and the floor, leaving Jamie to lick up and swallow some of the mess.

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