ChaosMen: Jay D

ChaosMen: Jay D

Jay D is a somewhat local guy. He has a done a solo before for a Latin themed site, but wants to do sex films. He says he is a versatile guy, but has been bottoming more often lately.

He doesn’t seem in to any type of guy. No age range, all types of guys, he just prefers guys built like him so he doesn’t feel too over-matched.

Speaking of over-matched, his cock is hard to beat. He has a nice long uncut 8-inches, with a nice juicy cockhead. It looks even longer on his slight, lean body.

ChaosMen: Jay D

Despite it being his second solo, Jay was still a little nervous the first couple minutes. But his cock got hard easily, so he soon got all his confidence back.

His cum shot is tremendous too. He said he normally jerks-off 3-4 times a day, and he held out for nearly two days. It is a lot of cum that really pops on his skin tone.

Bryan would love to get him back to see his experience level. He looks like he is 19-years-old, but at 27, he has to have a lot of sex experience that he can showcase for us!

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