ChaosMen: Kayden Frost

ChaosMen: Kayden Frost

ChaosMen’s Kayden Frost is one skinny boy with a big ‘ole cock. It is very thick and at 8″, it is impressive on his lean frame.

For all you Bottoms out there looking for a big-dicked Top, this guy loves to top, though he says he can be versatile too. He likes guys with big butts that he can try to squeeze his cock in to.

ChaosMen: Kayden Frost

Kayden is a very friendly guy, easy to get along with, and loves dirty slutty sex! He is very eager to perform. Perfect for porn!

He has a boyfriend, who happens to be a Bottom, so they are great match, though Kayden hints that his dick can sometimes be too much for his boyfriend.

He busts a huge load that looks very intense. See all of it over at ChaosMen.

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