ChaosMen: Leon King Fucks Jayden Woods

ChaosMen: Leon King Fucks Jayden Woods

Jayden Woods and Leon King share a kiss before Leon escorts Jayden to the bed. Jayden lays back as Leon helps himself to some ginger cock.

Jayden enjoys Leon’s cocksucking skills before the two swap places. Leon sits on the edge of the bed and Jayden kneels before him. Jayden engulfs Leon’s hard dick in his mouth, taking it balls-deep as he looks up into Leon’s eyes.

ChaosMen: Leon King Fucks Jayden Woods

The two swap places once more – this time Jayden leans over the bed and Leon slides his dick into Jayden’s hungry hole. Jayden fucks back onto Leon’s cock as Jayden strokes his dick. Leon exclaims that he loves “stretching that tight little hole.”

Jayden flips onto his back and Leon plunges back into his hole, pressing hard against Jayden’s prostate. As Jayden approaches climax, Leon picks up the pace. Jayden fires off ropes of cum all over his stomach with each of Leon’s thrusts.

Caught up in the moment, Leon shoots his load deep into Jayden’s ass. Leon showcases his load for the camera as it oozes out of Jayden’s hole.

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