ChaosMen: Mitch Matthews

ChaosMen: Mitch Matthews

Today’s ChaosMen update brings us very sexy and a confident Mitch Matthews. He has done photoshoots and some video work before, so he was not nervous at all.

And what a cock on him! A nice long 8-inches that we’d love to see in a dude’s ass. Wait! He has a nice back door too! Where to start with him!?

ChaosMen: Mitch Matthews

He likes all kinds of guys, but has a thing for pale guys with big bubble-buts. Mitch also says he completely versatile, making it easy to match him up with other guys.

This guy is just oozing sex and we will hopefully see more of him in full-action!

For now, head over to ChaosMen for more of Mitch.

This scene premieres April 20th, 2020

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