ChaosMen: Nigel

ChaosMen: Nigel

Nigel is an adorable Southern boy. He is more in to guys, and definitely has a thing for mature daddy types.

He is passive in bed, and likes to get fucked, but given his small-town living situation, he has not had a lot of partners. He did mention he has a 35-something year-old boyfriend, and they have been seeing each other for almost a year.

Thankfully his boyfriend was more than happy to share Nigel with us.

ChaosMen: Nigel

Nigel is of German and Irish descent. At 5’5″ he is a cute little strawberry blond, with a ginger beard.

His solo is great. He is into stroking for us, and even fingers his hole, showing his need for a cock there.

He will be back next week to swap some oral so we can check out this young guy’s cock-sucking skills.

For now, head over to ChaosMen to see more.

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