ChaosMen: Peyton Reynolds

ChaosMen: Peyton Reynolds

Peyton Reynolds doesn’t like labels, but if he had to do one, he would accept ‘try-sexual’. He said he was interested in both men and women, but for this shoot, he seemed geared towards men.

He brought his own little butt plug that he said was just the right size to make him cum.

ChaosMen: Peyton Reynolds

Peyton loves the feeling it gives him, but when it came time to cum, he just wasn’t there.

We paused and Bryan went to go get the trusty vibrating butt-plugs he keeps around. Peyton took one look at it and said it was way too big.

And then he just got in with no problems. ~ahem~

He shot his load in like two minutes. You can tell Bryan was surprised at how well it worked, and was thrilled to catch his reaction to using the toy on his ass on film.

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