ChaosMen: Rio Rodriguez

ChaosMen: Rio Rodriguez

Rio Rodriguez is a cute Latin twink who was very horny for this shoot. He is very comfortable in front of the camera. Although only 18 years old, he looks to be very experienced.

He swears he is cut, but he has enough foreskin left that many times he looks uncut. He definitely jerks-off like a cut guy, focusing his hand pressure right on his cock head.

ChaosMen: Rio Rodriguez

Rio says he is into mixed and Latin guys, and though he is versatile, he sounded like he likes to sit on really big cocks.

He gets up on his knees to jerk-off and suddenly he is cumming. You can tell Bryan is trying to get the cameras setup for his position change when he is announcing he is about to blast his load.

Rio shoots a lot of jizz and thankfully the cameras caught most of it!

See more of Rio over at ChaosMen.

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