ChaosMen: Serviced CUMpilaton Vol. 001 – Juiced

ChaosMen: Serviced CUMpilaton Vol. 001

ChaosMen is introducing a new series called “Juiced”.

Basically, Juiced is ChaosMen’s version of a CUMpilation. All cum shots!

In this first volume of the Juiced videos, Bryan gathered up some of the best Serviced video cum shots. In all but one of these clips, the guy being serviced is made to cum with no help at all.

It is a hard trick to do consistently, but many models doing the Servicing, really got quite good. Bryan followed by other persistent models like Ransom, Lorenzo, Griffin Barrows, and Shiloh. They are all bound and determined to make their guys nut!

ChaosMen: Serviced CUMpilaton Vol. 001

Often the Serviced videos are only a model’s second time, and they can feel a lot of pressure to perform, so making them nut is a challenge and a thrill.

The one clip that did sneak in that isn’t technically in this theme is “Apollo & Glenn.” Apollo coats Glenn’s face, and moments later Glenn lays back and unloads too.

Head over to ChaosMen and see who you can time your own load with!

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