ChaosMen: Smash Thompson

ChaosMen: Smash Thompson

Smash Thompson has stopped by at ChaosMen and is excited to show off his massive cock for you.

He begins by giving a very candid interview. Smash reveals how he came up with his name, some of his likes and dislikes, and how he used to operate tanks in the US Marine Corps.

ChaosMen: Smash Thompson

After his interview, Smash showcases his cock for the camera. He lays back on the bed and shows us how he likes to use his dick as a baton – he slaps his dick against his hand, resulting in a loud and satisfying THUD.

Smash gets on all-fours and shows his ass to the camera. He likes to use his left hand sometimes… he says it feels like it’s a “different person”.

Smash lays back on the bed once more and works up a thick load of cum while he massages his hole, his legs and feet shaking as he builds up to climax.

See more of Smash at ChaosMen.

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