CollegeDudes: Malakai White Takes Two Loads

CollegeDudes: Malakai White Takes Two Loads

Malakai White sits patiently and waits like a good boy for the next cock to come through that hole, and once it does, he’s on his knees again.

He goes right for that pulsing hard cock, sucking it deep into his throat as he massages those big balls. Malakai runs his slick tongue up and down that thick shaft as the visitor pushes against the hole.

CollegeDudes: Malakai White Takes Two Loads

Malakai’s own cock pushes up against his shorts. He pulls them down and frees his throbbing cock. Reaching his hand around, he plays with his own hole before standing up and backing his ass up onto the visitor’s dripping wet rod.

The visitor eagerly fucks Malakai’s tight entrance with his raw dick, filling Malakai full as he goes balls deep. Malakai jerks his own long shaft. He’s pushing his ass back and fucks himself with that bareback dick taking every inch until his hole is stretched to the brim.

Reaching behind himself, he pulls off the visitor’s incredible cock and finishes him with his hand, letting that hot cum pour over his ass and cover his sore hole as he strokes out his own load of thick jizz.

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