CollegeDudes: Zach Stevens Fucks Austin Prince

CollegeDudes: Zach Stevens Fucks Austin Prince

Zach Stevens and Austin Prince hike their way to a nice private place on the beach, laying a blanket down and getting comfortable.

Surrounded by the privacy of the trees and bushes with the hot sand underneath them, they decide to have a little fun together. Zachary leans over and takes Austin’s cock in his mouth, running his wet tongue up that shaft as the rays of sun highlight their smooth, toned bodies.

CollegeDudes: Zach Stevens Fucks Austin Prince

The guys swap places so that they both get a turn sucking prick, that pink cock hard and slick with spit as he deepthroats him. Neither of these boys can take the teasing anymore and sweet bottom Austin craves a dick in his ass. He’s straddling Zach and sits back on that dick reverse cowboy.

Austin fucks himself with that thick prick, riding Zach as his asshole opens up to that big cock. He gets on all fours in the sand, taking that cock and moans loudly as his partner drives it deeper into him.

The sounds and movements of the outdoors are no distraction to these boys’ delicious gay sex as they both stroke out a nice big load!

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