Corbin Fisher: Rocky Fucks Chris (3) – Cucking Chris

Corbin Fisher: Rocky Fucks Chris (3) - Cucking Chris

The CorbinFisher guys believe this may very well be one of the best bi threeways they’ve ever filmed, you be the judge!

Making the insatiably, constantly horny Chris sit back and watch as another guy (Rocky) goes at it with a girl mere inches in front of him would surely drive him wild, and be hot as hell for all of us to see!

When it comes to being insatiably horny all the time, Rocky’s right up there with Chris. With his big dick, hot body, overpowering sex drive, and naughty mind, the guys just knew Rocky would know how to drive Chris wild.

Corbin Fisher: Rocky Fucks Chris (3) - Cucking Chris

Well, Rocky sure as heck was the perfect guy to have teasing Chris like this. He does indeed drive Chris wild, and only a few minutes in to the action Chris is putty in Rocky’s hands. When Rocky tells Chris to get up and come suck his cock, Chris eagerly obliges; when Rocky smacks Chris’ ass and tells him to get back in to his chair, Chris doesn’t hesitate to do as told.

Rocky wasn’t immune to Chris’ charms, mind you. Halfway through the action, he’s no longer content to just tease Chris and desperately needs to fuck him – and this is immediately after Rocky feeds Chris a massive load! Rocky needed Chris’ ass, and Chris needed Rocky’s cock! Chris goes from getting teased to being the one putting on a show for the girl as Rocky plows his hole.

See all of the action and the video at CorbinFisher.

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