DIRTY TWEETS OF THE WEEK Featuring Nic Sahara, Romeo Davis, Pietro Duarte, & More!

It’s been a while since we had this. Let us check out what your favorite men have been up to this past days only here on “Dirty Tweets of the Week”!

Who went to what looks like a circuit party and had the “biggest dick I’ve ever sucked”? Someone also posted a close-up double penetration. Whose status updates were these from? Let us all find out!

Brian‘s biceps are enticing but there’s more if you see the full photo.

‘Twas arms tonight. pic.twitter.com/rpk48LvF9M

— Brian Bonds (91K) (@BrianBondsXXX) February 8, 2020

We want that “cake” Mark! Thanks for starving us!

The face The cake pic.twitter.com/s5xYlwwsIp

— Mark Tanner ? (@marktanner200) January 21, 2020

Can’t stop looking at Romeo Davis‘ fat cock? Us too. It’s not just you.

Yeah im in the mood to see some hole pics guys. Show me ?????? pic.twitter.com/I43jKjHPpQ

— Romeodavisxl (18+) (@romeodavisxl) February 4, 2020

Here’s Shane Cook having the time of his life!

Hands down the biggest dick I’ve ever sucked……. YET! ??? pic.twitter.com/h2C7VupnRt

— Shane Cook (@ShaneCookXXX) February 1, 2020

We need to sign up to that gym where Johnny Hill and Nic Sahara work out!

Working out with @JohnnyHill_ is always fun before we shoot for @NextDoorStudios pic.twitter.com/xtMSNsL15k

— Nic Sahara (@NicSaharaXXX) February 8, 2020

A close-up look at a double penetration in action.


— Ruslan Angelo (@RuslanAngelo) February 6, 2020

Ricky Donovan lost all his clothes now is what we’re getting in his “Then vs Now” comparison. We’re not complaining though.

High school vs Now pic.twitter.com/dCxNJdXFlC

— Ricky Donovan (@RickyDonovannn) February 9, 2020

Island boy has some “big coconuts”.

Giving you that Island boy vide ? pic.twitter.com/6oYLwmpLeN

— DeAngelo Jackson ✨ (@DeAngeloJxxx) February 8, 2020

A little bit oiled-up Pietro Duarte for you guys!

2020 NEW SHOOT By @joancrisol ??

.. follow my Instagram for more ??
?? @iampietroduarte ?⚠️? pic.twitter.com/Bcg3Kmb0Xl

— Pietro Duarte (@pietroduartexxx) February 8, 2020

And lastly, another throwback picture courtesy of Drake Masters.

From the archive….
My first photoshoot ever in Palm Springs with the talented Jim Cox.
5 years ago, being comfortable in your own skin is what makes you succeed. Own it Love it Cherish it
IG coxpixphotography#musclefuz pic.twitter.com/PX8rqW5ClP

— DrakeMastersxxx (@DMastersxxx) February 4, 2020

Which one did you enjoy seeing the most? Tell us what you think in the comments section below!

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