DIRTY TWEETS OF THE WEEK Featuring Tony Prower, Colton Reece, and More!

DIRTY TWEETS OF THE WEEK Featuring Tony Prower, Colton Reece, and More!

Maybe it’s cold right where you are so here are the guys to keep it warm and comfy for you. Let’s turn the temperature up here on “Dirty Tweets of the Week”!

These eye candies are not here just to be ignored. We’ll get your eyes wide-open from start to finish with the hottest status updates we’ve collated for this week’s edition. Check them out below!

A throwback pic of Colton is still jack-off worthy.

today is my two year anniversary in porn! where has the time gone?! (throwback picture from that very first day—baby colton) 🥲🥰🖤 pic.twitter.com/ddQdhanKhX

— Colton Reece (@ColtonReeceXXX) December 12, 2020

He’s that daddy you want to be rammed by.

Im just a pole pic.twitter.com/zbPoYgzyUN

— Owen Hawk (@OwenHawkXXX) December 9, 2020

Two heads in one shot by Michael Roman.

Anyone else always look really good when they wake up for their 4am pee?
Am the only one who wakes up at 4am every night to pee? 🤷🏻‍♂️ pic.twitter.com/2oZbxz3eBZ

— Michael Roman (@RomanMichaelXX) December 11, 2020

He might be taking a break from porn but Jason’s body still looks bomb.

I’ve been super absent on here as I’m taking a break from adult film and focusing on my mental health and tattooing, I love you all ❤️ pic.twitter.com/WeBW2Nj1bD

— Jason Leescott (@JasonLeescottx) December 9, 2020

I want Nick on my balcony too!

RT if I can chill on your balcony 🥶 pic.twitter.com/8JZtvczbVZ

— NickLA (@NickLAXXX) December 9, 2020

I hope he doesn’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

Want a Taste? https://t.co/RFg93F3wy6 pic.twitter.com/KZTKHGhJ1H

— Hector (@hectorGvega) December 13, 2020

Kinky daddy Tony is here.

Gotta stop disappearing 🤔 I’m back 😅 pic.twitter.com/0OSni5Xd43

— Tony Prower (@tonyprowerxxx) December 10, 2020

That dick’s gonna make you gulp just by looking at it.

We had a meeting @SRhyheim pic.twitter.com/k5tiS7B7iL

— Damien Ellis (@DiscoverDamien) December 12, 2020

Here’s another one too. Ugh!


— 🇧🇷∂iєgσ мαττσs🔄 (@Diegomattos2020) December 13, 2020

Big babe Derek for the win!

Bulking progress pic. 244 lbs today pic.twitter.com/biaimzBaXN

— Derek Bolt (@derekboltxxx) December 11, 2020

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