Freshmen: Jamie Eliot and Viggo Sorensen

We got a sneak peek of Jamie late last year and in the very first Freshmen of 2021. Now it is time to show you a bit more of him. His partner today is Viggo. Jamie is off to a poor start as he is an hour late for his very first scene (if he was any later, Tom Houston had agreed to be the ‘stand in’ for the day).

Luckily, he turns up just in time and is pleasantly surprised to find out that he is going to be fucking Viggo. Jamie is not fond of working out in the gym and relies on his naturally slim build and his boy-next-door good looks. For a newcomer we were really impressed with his performance and he is now a regular member of the team. He will be back again in May for a flipflop fuck with Jim Durden.

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