Gemini Men: Ryan’s Ride and Bonus

Ryan is one of my all-time favorite men to work with and through the years he’s become a good friend, too. When I met him, he was 23 and gorgeous. Tanned, built and shoulder length blonde hair and a big, thick dick. I soon earned about his hairy beefy butt that seemed to have a welcome mat! I’ve shot him many times and have hours of video and yes of thousands of images and each time I view them, I am struck by the masculine beauty of this man. He is now 47!!! And a stone cold daddy!

At first, I was surprised that he became a total bottom. But as the story evolved, I learned that a girl had fucked him with a cucumber! So he found his niche here and even though we tried a few attempts at him topping, it always ended with Ryan’s legs up. But whatever he’s doing, he’s hot gorgeous and into it…as long as it’s into him! There’s a bonus video of the first time he sucked cock shot POV. Guess his girl couldn’t teach him that!

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