Japan Boyz: GAL and Reach – BLACK FRIDAY SAVINGS!

Japan Boyz: GAL and Reach

What a sweet feeling to kiss and cuddle under the sheets first thing in the morning. New Japan Boyz star GAL is sporting a new hair color, with blonde tips back to a natural brunette again. Reach is nuzzled against his broad shoulder, leans up to give his buddy a quiet smooch, and then the magic spark ignites.

The two Asian fuck buddies alternate taking juicy mouthfuls of thick hard cock, then GAL takes the leading role.

Japan Boyz: GAL and Reach

Gal slides a wet finger into Reach’s hungry butt, licks and lubes it with his tongue, then drills his big tool in raw. Reach moans in delight, then climbs on to ride that dick to his heart’s content. When it’s time to drive through to the finish line, Reach happily takes Gal’s big splatter into his pubes, spurts out one to match.

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