Queer Clicks: December 04 | What Makes This Beer Gay?, Men are Suffering Depression on Grindr, but Who’s to Blame?, and Other Clicks

What Makes This Beer Gay?

It’s a simple proposition: A craft beer, owned by a same-sex couple and marketed to the LGBTQ community. It’s called Gay Beer.

Upon hearing the name, or seeing the brand logo, many people crack the same joke. “That’s the one of the first questions we get,” co-founder Jon Moore says. “Is this going to make me gay? If you’re lucky, yes.” Forbes

‘Pose’ Star Billy Porter Talks Fashion, Politics and Giving Back

This GivingTuesday, Porter is teaming up with PayPal to spread the word about all the ways it’s possible to give back. Donating money certainly is the quickest way to make an impact for those who have the means, but there are lots of ways to give your time and talents to support the causes that mean the most to you. Towleroad

Men are Suffering Depression on Grindr, but Who’s to Blame?

After a recent article that was published by Vox in 2018 resurfaced, the debate about who is responsible for the mental health of Grindr’s users has been ignited. The article, which was written by Jack Turban a gay psychologist, notes that orgasms are like crack, and thus Grindr is a “slot machine” which leverages a variable ratio reinforcement because the reward intervals are unpredictable. Cocktails and Cock Talk

Same-Sex Couple Makes History, Wins Denmark’s ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Just a few weeks ago we were all bristling with excitement at the first same-sex dancing couple dominating the Danish version of Dancing With the Stars. Now we’re even more pleased to inform you that that couple, comedian Jakob Fauerby, 42, and his dancing partner Silas Holst, 36, are now the winners of the dancing competition! Out

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