Queer Clicks: February 12 | NY Times Does A Deep Dive Into The World Of OnlyFans, The 22 Funniest Queer Jokes From LGBTQ Comics, & Other News

NY Times Does A Deep Dive Into The World Of OnlyFans

“As many know, the website allows fans of models or performers (insert whatever term you like) to subscribe to private content that might be too explicit for social media. Along the way, the article talks to former go-go dancer and all-around hottie, Matthew Camp, about his perspective on sharing his content on the site” Instinct Magazine

20 Queer-Friendly Valentine’s Day Cards To Send To Your Sweetie

“Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so if you want to send a loving note to that special someone in your life — a romantic partner, a best friend, a Grindr contact, an S&M dom, whomever — check out the LGBT-themed V-Day cards below. This selection sure beats the picked-over greeting card aisle at your local drugstore, after all! ” Queerty

The 22 Funniest Queer Jokes From LGBTQ Comics

“Being queer isn’t always a riot—unless we’re talking about Stonewall—but many times, we’re funnier than anyone else because we poke fun at offending targets with aplomb while also making light of our own quirks and foibles (and sex habits). ” New Now Next

Mickey McCray By Benjamin Veronis

“In this series Dynamic Duo Mickey and Benjamin show us the benefits of the ‘Gym and Swim’ fitness combination.” DNA Magazine

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