Queer Clicks: January 20 | Adorable Gay-Themed Viral ad for Belgian Coffee is a Tearjerker, Living for the Thigh Content in new JoBro Video, and Other Clicks

The ad that has Twitter users declaring they’re in tears over it, has more than 4.4 million views. Advocate

‘Gays at the After Party’ Sketch Nails Every Chill Out You’ve Ever Been to

“Have you got any shorts?” Cocktails and Cock Talk

Star Wars Actor, Mark Hamill Writes gay Love Poem for Finn and Poe

Taking to Twitter, Mark Hamill dedicated a love poem he’d written to the greatest romance that never happened in The Rise Of Skywalker. DNA MAgazine

Living for the Thigh Content in new JoBro Video

The Jonas Brothers lose their pants in their latest music video, “What a Man Gotta Do,” and we ain’t mad. Instinct Magazine

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