Queer Clicks: March 18 | This is the Muscled Guy from Boy Butter’s ‘Drag Race’ Commercial, 39 Examples of Young Men In Coitus, & Other News

This is the Muscled Guy from Boy Butter’s ‘Drag Race’ Commercial

“uPaul’s Drag Race has brought us a lot of drag queens — 126 in fact. It has also brought us quite a bit of skin — Oh, pit crew! But for the past eight seasons, even the commercials got in on the hunky fun, by way of one Boy Butter Personal Lubricants. You might have caught this one last night.” Out

Uncensored Look At 2019 Greeks Come True Calendar

“Shot entirely in a Greek mountain farm, the fresh and powerful smell of wood gets twisted with the masculine force of fifteen real men and athletes from all around Greece who have to push their own limits, leave all inhibitions behind and pose completely naked for the master of photography, Vangelis Kyris.” Homorazzi

39 Examples of Young Men In Coitus

“Coitus magazine founder and photographer Pantelis created the magazine a few years ago. It has the most streamlined of formats: simply an introduction to new talent in the male modeling pool.” Advocate

Tumblr’s Traffic Nosedives After Ban on NSFW Content

“We’re not sure how Tumblr expected to get more views by disowning such a huge part of its existing community. Who knows, maybe they didn’t. We wonder though if they expected their traffic to fall by over 150 million.” Cocktails and Cock Talk

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