QUEERIOSITY: Winner Announcement!

QUEERIOSITY: Which gay porn studio has the hottest men?

Last time, we asked you who you think is the most underrated porn star in your opinion. Now the answers are in, it’s time for us to select the winner. This is “Queeriosity!”

Who gets the prize for this edition of “Queeriosity!“? It’s no other than W2K.

QUEERIOSITY: Winner Announcement!

He chose Armond Rizzo. Here’s what he said:

QUEERIOSITY: Winner Announcement!

You can get in touch with us HERE so we can tell you how to claim your prize! Tune in to the next edition of “Caption This!” for your chance of winning a prize!

But what can you say about the other names that came up like Princeton Price, Spencer Laval, Jarvis Chandler, and others? Did they miss someone that should have been included? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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