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We’re kicking off a fresh round of interviews for our “Queerying” series!

So far we had Dustin Hazel and Duncan Ku answer our questions.

Today it’s time for Alex Riley!

Queerying: Alex Riley

I have filmed with Brother Crush, Fraternity X, Mormonboyz, Young Perps, Men.com, NextDoorStudios and Helix Studios! I may have missed some but I think that’s all, haha!

I do not have a favorite scene I’ve shot, however, my scene with Garrett and also with Andy Taylor, were really fun!

No favorite scene partner, everyone is pleasant, to be honest!

If I could shoot a dream scene, I would be cummed on by like 4 or 5 hot guys in a pool. Their feet in the pool, sitting on the edge while I’m in the pool waiting for their loads. No one particular!

My bedside table has a lamp and the remote to my LED room lights. 🙂

My favorite book is Diary Of A Wimpy Kid!

My favorite movie is probably Man On Fire.

My Netflix/Hulu go to’s are American Horror Story and This Is Us.

My go-to snack is DEFINITELY pickles and cheese!

My playlist includes songs like “War With Us” by Youngboy, “Trip” by Ella Mai, and “I’m Next” by YK Osiris.

Sexy songs for me are songs by Ciara and Jacquees! 🙂

My hardest scene to shoot was the one I did with Trevor Laster, of NextDoorStudios. With Helix, none. They’ve actually all been pleasant.

YES, DEFINITELY LIVING TOGETHER WHILE WORKING. I’ll strangle anyone that doesn’t agree, haha. I’ve worked at other studios, and nooooone of them do it — it’s so terrible. I love Helix for this particular reason, among others!

The next trend in gay porn, hmm, competition to make the best movie? I know that already happens, but maybe more so!

If any underwear company could sponsor me, it would be DSQUARED2, that I’d choose! I love them!

Nope! 🙂


When covid is over, I want to VACATION, more!!!

Not much at all, I never had sex before so it didn’t hurt me, or anything, in that area.

Queerying: Alex Riley

My friends are a big deal to me, now. We hang at least every other day and we keep one another going, working toward our goals — physically, financially. Good friends push each other!

I’ve gotten a bit more into the dominant boy mentality, recently, so hot, haha. Especially whenever a bottom really plays into it, naturally. 😉

Porn will continue to be amazing, I feel like. More people will join porn, too, I feel, because so many people that I would have never expected to…are using Onlyfans, and openly posting their bodies online. How could it not grow? 🙂

It’s great money in good addition to working in porn, for sure! I use both! No where near as fulfilling as working at Helix, but still awesome!

Pre-corona would have probably said to go to bowling alleys, Skyzone, skating rinks, etc more often. Because now we can’t, haha!

Twitter – alexrileyxxx
Instagram – hifromalexriley
OnlyFans – alexrileyxxx
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