QueeryingYoshi Kawasaki

Hi Yoshi!

Queerying: Yoshi Kawasaki

Let’s start by getting to know a little bit about you!

I have mainly worked with European studios, such as UKHotJocks, Fuckermate, Blakemason, Boynapped, BravoFucker, PigBoyRuben, MyDirtiestFantasy.

But the most recent ones were for PeterFever and AxelAbysse, as both of the studios films in Tokyo.

I’ve shot a scene, for my website YoshiKawasakiXXX.com, where I got my hole stretched out by a masseur and 3 strangers, then got filled up with hot cum in the pussy. At the end, I was covered in piss and cum, was so nasty and loved it!

There are quite a few favourites, but I love working with my Axel Abysse because it’s quite easy to work with him, and he really knows how to wreck my hole well 🙂

I would love a total interracial gangbang, with all race, Asian, Black, Latino, White. That would be fantastic!

Lube, nipple and penis pump

I only read manga these days, but anything by Gengoroh Tagame.

Chicago the musical and Brooklyn

Mostly sitcoms and comedy movies

Queerying: Yoshi Kawasaki

As much as group scenes are hot and I love it, it’s hard to shoot. There is so much action happening and it’s really difficult to focus as a director, cameraman or editor.

I’m normally the fluffer 😉

I’ve been hoping that Asian would happen more in the west for a long time haha

Some of the first tattoos didn’t really go with the style I am going for right now so I covered them with new tattoos.

When the lockdown was happening, I was working on my website’s launch so I really didn’t have to go out that much so it worked out well at the end.

I will definitely travel to Europe to shoot tons of scenes for YoshiKawasakiXXX.com!!

It made me go nuts! I was hornier than ever especially when I’m told I can’t have it.

I think I was super lucky to have a huge project that can be worked on at home. The pandemic didn’t affected me that much.

I’ve been trying my new pumps. I absolutely love my anal pump and penis pump now!

I have an JFF account, but I’m currently only focusing on my own website to produce more quality content. What’s good about having my own production is that I can film scenes the way I like, which is more realistic and less produced. Also, I can go as sleazy as I want 🙂

Twitter – yoshixkawasaki
JFF – yoshixkawasaki

For additional questions and remarks, feel free to comment below! We’ll be back next week with two interesting personalities.

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