The Nicest Celeb Bulges From Calvin Klein Ads

The Nicest Celeb Bulges From Calvin Klein Ads

When it comes to marketing strategies, Calvin Klein is undoubtedly one of those names in the industry who can pull off head-turning print ads and campaigns. It like he’s just letting these hot celebrity bodies speak for themselves. They recently sent the internet into a frenzy when Shawn Mendes revealed that he is posing for its underwear line.


Other male freshies are seen to have done the campaign who are Noah Centineo and A$AP Rocky. Well, we know that these ambassadors are charming, but some just can’t help to not address their concern about something that is missing. The bulge.


Several celebs have captivated our eyes with their protruding junks underneath those Calvins. But who actually made an impression? Which celebrity has actually made people drool over their bulging goodies in their Calvin Klein underwear? Let us see these celebs who can illogically sell briefs when all the people want is to take them off of them and see if they’re really packing down south.


The actor and model showed that he knows how to position that stick where it should be in an ad he appeared on in 2010 for the Underwear X line.


You may have seen his happy trail (in its closest as it can get to seeing his tool) on Fifty Shades Darker but the Irish actor already knew how to keep people holding on to their seats ever since appearing in a Calvin Klein ad even before turning himself into acting.


The guy who caused the thirst in 1992 for appearing in his undies. The then rapper from Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch has set the print ads ablaze with his hot physique and that bulge that literally screams at you to zoom in his photo for a nicer view!


The soap opera matinee idol has graced some CK ads in 1996 and that is pre-photoshop era (erm Justin Bieber). His ad may have gotten some people imagining an unsliced Italian pepperoni.


The Brazillian sports star is just one of those athletes that can show you how sexy athleticism is. He’ll make sure to take care of the football as long as you take care of the balls he has for you in return.


The Aquaman star made an appearance in a 2007 ad with the underwear brand and man, it looks like it is in its best form.


Even before scoring his role on the epic TV show Vikings as a scruffy Ragnar Lothbrok, he became the first male in the world to secure a six-figure deal to model exclusively for Calvin Klein for a year back in 2002. Well, who would have known that this grower is fit for the underwear line? His scout must have realized his BIG potential when he was spotted at a gym.

The “lust lumps” may not be everything but they can be something to drool over for. But which celebrity do you think has the most memorable bulge? Are there any other stars that you think can perfectly pull-off a Calvin Klein visual ads with their bulges front and center? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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