“The World is Never ‘Anov’ Part II” – Counting Down the Seven Most Devastating Hunks from Mother Russia

“The World is Never ‘Anov’ Part II” – Counting Down the Seven Most Devastating Hunks from Mother Russia

Ever since the Cold War ended, instead of stockpiling weapons of mass destruction, our former Russian foe has found more nefarious ways to infiltrate and influence our American way of life. From hacking our social media to tampering with our election process, we have seen evidence of subtle and not-so-subtle ways Mother Russia has been manipulating Western Culture.

Over the past ten years, Russia has slowly unleashed its arsenal of devastatingly gorgeous men on the Western world, literally bringing generations of gay men to their knees (or more precisely “on their knees”).


One of Russia’s early hunk exports was blond bodybuilder and fitness model Serge Henir. He wreaked havoc on the internet with his explicit, full frontal nude webcam shows all the while teasing us with glossy images of his muscular perfection and handsome face in fitness magazines and underwear campaigns. It was an ingenious plan that catapulted the Russian model into the stratosphere of the modeling world where he enjoyed a long-lasting career and influenced our perception of male beauty.


The former Sean Cody model known as Allen took the fashion world by storm and was unapologetic about his porn past. He doubled-down on his popularity by releasing plenty of full-frontal selfies of his ample uncut cock and shredded lean physique. As we noted in an earlier Male Models Exposed profile, when you have a handsome face like Igor’s, the fashion world can learn to look the other way and forgive your naked transgressions as long as the male modeling industry can profit from your fame.


A newcomer to the modeling world just in the past couple of years, Dmitry has been putting on muscle and has not been shy about showing it off to fans of his subscription account. He is the whole package, and is as close to physical perfection as any male model working today. His handsome symmetrical face is instantly recognizable, as is his well-proportioned muscular body that has somewhere close to zero percent body fat. His lack of any distracting tattoos on his temple of a body has allowed him to dominate countless swimwear campaigns shot by some of the world’s best commercial photographers. Dmitry is proud of his body and I salute him for challenging the American modeling industry to loosen up with regard to male full frontal nudity. Enjoy Dmitry’s full frontal nude photos and videos in our Male Models Exposed Profile. You can follow Dmitry Averyanov on Instagram and Twitter.


We have Michael Lucas to thank for popularizing the notion “Russian is the New Black.” This gorgeous bodybuilder shot to gay porn superstardom the moment he debuted that handsome masculine face and that chiseled muscular body. But it takes more than just good looks and mountains of muscles to win over fans these days. What sealed the deal for me was his rock-hard cock and his enthusiastic performance every time, whether as a top or bottom or both; in flip scenes and in three-ways. Stas delivers non-stop ec-STAS-y with each appearance.


For almost a decade, Kirill Dowidoff (and his younger brother Roman) have been a staple of the fitness and swimwear modeling world. Year after year, we swooned over his handsome face and lusted over his ample chest and six-pack torso as he appeared in various stages of undress for sexy swimwear campaigns. Then one day, our prayers were answered when Kirill dropped trou in a series of four full-frontal nudes that will forever have an honored place in my collection of the most prized naked hunks. Kirill’s physique has changed over the years, and he is much bulkier now, but still devastatingly gorgeous as ever. We will always gladly buy whatever it is he is selling.


This young Russian webcam model has been the subject of many of our posts and has appeared at the top of many of our lists. He started as a muscle teen with his irresistible pouty lips and quickly achieved global fame with his tall muscular body and his equally well-proportioned cock. I am not sure why William Higgins or some other studio has not yet snatched him up, but for the time being, the internationally known go-go boy/ webcam model has plenty of followers and seems to be doing just fine on his own. Catch his live shows on Chaturbate.


No one has done more for East-West relations than the man at the top of our list, Dato Foland. Another discovery for which we have Michael Lucas to thank, Dato has also filmed for Men At Play and Men.com. He is a versatile and energetic performer with a faultless physique that is just the right amount of hairy. His hefty uncut cock is a prize winner with legions of fans all on its own. But what I consider Dato’s main assets are his mesmerizing green eyes, which have captivated audiences from the first time they ever lit up the screen years ago. Dato continues to bring the heat in every scene and melt hearts with his searing gaze. Judging from the number of men who have fallen at his feet, Dato is undoubtedly the most devastating force to come out of Russia since the Chernobyl nuclear meltdown.

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