Groping Newbie Ricardo Groping Newbie Ricardo

At, Ricardo has the cool, good looks of a street thug with his hard stare and lean powerful body. The guys have been aching to get their hands on this sexy bastard since he first walked into the audition room. Now they get to handle him exactly how they like. Groping Newbie Ricardo

Ricardo must stand in place while they grope him all over, peel off his clothes and fully take advantage of his sexy body. All the while this tattooed stud glares at them as if he’s ready to throw punches.

His pendulous cock is so young and healthy he can’t help responding to their insistent stroking and roughly slapping that dick only makes it harder. There’s a fine line of dark hair down his arse crack leading to his tight perfect hole.

The guys eagerly plunge into his bum and feel his warm sphincter tighten around their digits like a Chinese finger trap. This lad is fucking delicious!

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